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The Bühler Networking Days 2018 - 
The future of mobility

April 24-25, 2018. Suzhou, China

Meet, network and get inspired so you can turn new opportunities into successes

Bühler Networking Days 2018 - an event for inspiration and networking, to address specific topics and challenges around mobility - even those you don't know about yourself yet.

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Good reasons to join:

Understand your own sleep-depriving topics in a bigger context and look at them from a fresh perspective and a new angle.

Don't miss out on future trends. Get inspired and ready for new opportunities.

Meet, network and connect with executives and entrepreneurs who think and care about the same challenges.


Our event program focuses on mobility in the future world of megacities.

Current topics such as urbanization, e-mobility, batteries, alternative fuel cells, grid infrastructure, coated glass in the future car and the future car and the future of die casting, amongst others, will be discussed.

Presentations from industry experts and customers will be completed by break-out sessions and company visits.

You will have plenty of possibilities to network with other industry players and Bühler experts, also during the evening events, of course.

Full program


  • Dr. Paul Friedli, Head of Transit Management Group Schindler: "Urbanization"
  • Mr. Zhang Dong, Director of New Energy Planning & Platform of SAIC Motor: "NEV"
  • Mr. Lothar Schneider, President of Rheinmetall Automotive: "The Future of Die Casting"
  • Mr. Sun Wei, General Manager of Lishen Suzhou: "Batteries"
  • Mr. Roberto Cabrera, Global Technology Director of Vitro: "Coated Car Glass"
  • Mr. Alex Xu, Partner at Roland Berger: "China E-Mobility Quota"
  • Dr. Michael Wu, Data Scientist and Founder AiP0110: "Artificial Intelligence"
  • Dr. Kevin Füchsel, Head of Strategy and Marketing at Fraunhofer IOF: "How cars learn to see and communicate"
  • Dr.-Ing. Georg-Nikolaus Stamatelopoulos, Senior Vice President Generation of EnBW: "Grid Infrastructure"
  • Mr. Jiang Bing, Senior representative of the State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co.: “Grid infrastructure"
  • Mr. Qinqing Wang, Power Project Manager of BYD Lithium Battery Co., Ltd.: "Fast lane towards E-mobility"


Urbanization, e-mobility, battery business, alternative fuel cells, grid infrastructure, or material mix in die casting.

- Are these topics keeping you awake at night?

- Are you tossing and turning while mulling over the following insecurities?

- How can we participate in that change/growth?

- When will the wave arrive?

- And what do we need to do now in order to ride that coming wave? 

Break-Out Sessions

During our break-out sessions you can connect with speakers and participants face-to-face and delve deeper into topics that have been brought up during the speeches.

Between all the presentations, there will be ample time to stimulate creative thinking and meaningful discussion.

Gain new insights while talking to other subject matter experts and jointly discuss industry challenges - together, we can come up with tailored solutions that fully meet our needs and requirements.

Customer Visits

The Networking Days will be complemented by top-class company visits, for example:

Battery factory: a high-tech enterprise that has maintained the major market share among the global lithium-ion battery industry for years.

Die casting factory: this joint venture is a well-respected vendor to the automotive industry and can be considered as a benchmark for HPDC foundries in China.

Bühler Wuxi manufactures grain and food processing machines as well as die casting machines on an area of 160,000m2 with about 1000 employees.

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