We proudly present:

The new Bühler
Single-Screw Extruder.


Ideal solutions for every process.

The Bühler single-screw extruder completely fulfills process requirements of the pet food and aqua feed industry as capacity, screw speed, torque and pressure. Thanks to its modular design, this machine is extremely flexible in application and can be adapted to the specific needs. High sanitation standards, excellent work-manship and an outstanding price-performance ratio make the Single-Screw Extruder the ideal solution in the field of Pet food and Aqua feed extrusion.

Application examples.

Aqua Feed

– Micropellets

– Floating feeds

– Sinking feeds

– Fish feed for industrial fish farming

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Double-stage preconditioner for consistently high product quality.

The double-stage preconditioner separates the mixing zone from the retention zone. This ensures optimal, intensive mixing at high screw speeds and gentle retention across a narrow time range at a low screw speed. The design of the double-stage preconditioner is such that the material inlet is vertically positioned above the outlet.

Modules to improve food safety.

End barrel valve
Sanitary startup valve to separate product streams uncooked product flow can be separated form the and sterilizes product streams without contaminating the extruder die and the cutter.

High Hygiene Design cutter and air pick up
– Highest Hygienic design requirements
– No cross contamination form conveying air

Feeder screw as transition between preconditioner and extruder.

With the new feeder screw higher throughput due to enforced infeed and therefore, higher filling degree, are possible. This also results in stable running conditions and improved production security. To ensure best accessibility and risk reduction of cross contamination during cleaning, the condition is moved away from above the extruder to the side. Therefore, the dirty cleaning water is no longer spatter over the extruder. .

User-friendly automation system for efficient and safe production.

The Single-Screw Extruder is equipped with a user-friendly and intuitive touchscreen control system. Safety circuits prevent damage due to improper use. Emergencies trigger self-stopping of the extruder fully automatically.

For quality and food safety reasons, the control system contains important functions such as logging and trending of actual and historical data. It also features some of the required functionalities of FDA21CFR part 11 such as user management, event logging of operator interventions, and logging of quality-related data.

State-of-the-art technology for reliable process control.

In order to guarantee an end product of consistent quality, the Single-Screw Extruder is equipped with an intelligent recipe memory. This offers two significant benefits: Susceptibility to process errors decreases, and production can be quickly adapted to other recipes. Predefined start-up and shutdown sequences optimize the starting and shutting down of the machine. Virtually no raw material is wasted, and the production process speeds up considerably.

Modular design for variable use.

The innovative design of the housing according to the "shell principle" offers special advantages: the housing excels through its mechanical stability, resistance to wear and highly efficient tempering, with spiral or conical liners.

The modular process component can be easily adapted to higher capacities and different processes and upgraded with additional modules, which are bringing the flexibility and production quality to the next level.

Maintenance costs for the Single-Screw Extruder are minimized: the interior casing is extremely resistant to wear. Bühler offers a barrel wear measurement service to detect wear and tear in good time. In this way, parts can be replaced at an early stage to ensure stable product quality.

Download the brochure here.


Technical data and dimensions.

Extruder screw diameter (mm)215185 
Pressure max (bar)75100 
Temperature (°C)200200 
Throughput max. (kg/h)100005000 
Motor power max. (kW)355250 
Gear ration (1/rpm)1 : 3.01:2.85 
Screw speed max. (rpm)500525 
Torque max. (mm)68004524 
Length (mm)83967910 
Width (mm)28342673 
Height (mm)34363224 

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