The spirit of innovation and partnership.

February 12 - 10:42 by Ian Roberts

The spirit of innovation and partnership.

At the Bühler Networking Days, we invite people from across our industry to come together to discuss the key challenges facing our industry, learn about new solutions, be inspired by our latest innovations and identify new business opportunities. Our aim is to collectively gain a better understanding of how our industry will evolve and the role we should all play. 

The first Bühler Networking Days, held in Uzwil in August 2016, was a remarkable event, with 750 people attending from every section of the food industry – an industry group that provides food for more than half the population of the planet every day. Four key themes formed the focus: sustainability, food safety, nutrition, and opportunities arising out of new technologies in the Internet of Things.

Together with our customers, we were able to set Bühler’s sustainability targets: 30 % energy reduction and a 30% waste reduction for our customers by 2020. Ambitious? Yes, but with the support of the industry, we believe we can do it. 

In 2017 we followed up with the NetworkingDays@Interpack introducing new innovations including a range of digital services. This year we continue the food journey with the Networking Days at Ipak Ima, where we will unveil completely new technologies for food safety, grain milling and compositional sorting. These will be shown only at our Networking Days event and not on the exhibit. In order to share and develop our innovation ecosystem further, we are inviting some of our favourite food value chain startups to showcase their capabilities. Along with the exhibit, featuring many new digital services and new technologies, there will be a dining and meeting area, and breakout events to go into detail on key topics around food safety, nutrition, sustainability and the digital opportunity. As always, our aim is to bring people together to exchange, create, and dream!

This year brings our first Networking Days dedicated to Advanced Materials. It will focus on sustainable mobility and will take place in China in April. It promises to be a ground breaking event, with distinguished speakers, an extraordinary group of Buhler customers and partners forming the perfect discussion platform to better understand the challenges and adoption rates of new technologies.

In 2019 we will return to Uzwil, for our Networking Days in 2019. This will be an exciting event as it will be partly hosted in our new CUBIC innovation campus and it goes without saying we will aim to surpass the amazing inaugural Networking Days of 2016. We are already planning the event, building the CUBIC and engaging with customers to identify the key topics to explore together.

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