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Customer service at your fingertips

myBühler is your new online ordering tool for Bühler equipment. You have access on a 24/7 basis, you can check the availability and prices of components, place your orders, and obtain information on the status of your orders. 

Favorit 420

Easy start into industrial enrobing of products

The Favorit 420 is the rising star in the Bühler enrobing technology. The small and smart enrobing solution comes at an attractive price.

TUBEX Hopper Scale

High-performing scale technologies

TUBEX not only weighs accurately and reliable, it also saves energy and reduces costs in the long term. In addition, you benefit from having the highest product safety, easiest operation and minimal maintenance requirements.


Revoultionizes sponge dough

Industrial bakeries are increasingly relying on sponge and sour dough. The innovative Bühler solution, JetMix, is capable of producing homogeneous sponge dough with unparalleled hygiene.


Unique and beneficial ball mill technology

The NOVA S ball mill is the preferred solution for finegrinding of various masses like compounds, spreads, creams for filling and coating, nut pastes and different other fat based masses. The unique grinding chamber allows a one-step-grinding to final fineness < 20µm at lowest product temperature.

Frisse DÜC S

Combines newest engineering technology with proven conching technology

The DÜC S embodies the perfect combination of state-of-the-art engineering and decades of experience in the world of chocolate producing. The principle of the double-overthrow conche allows short conching times thanks to an extremely high application of shear forces. 

RoastMaster 120

Create your own roast flavor signature

The RoastMasterTM 120 transforms the full green bean potential into delightful coffee flavor. It empowers you in creating optimized roasting profiles to get the best from your blend.


High precision grinding

The GrindDefine was specifically designed for high-precision grinding of coffee beans, targeting precise particle size distributions.

Solano Roaster & Pasteurizer

Unmatched flexible roaster with pasteurization option 

The Solano combines the proven two-step premium-roasting process with a safe steam pasteurization option, which can be used for granular products like nuts, seeds or cocoa. The patented pasteurization technology achieves a better than 5log inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella and can be used independently of the roasting process.

SORTEX F BioVision optical sorter

For safer and cleaner nut kernels

The SORTEX F, combined with SORTEX BioVision technology, offers nut processors 3-in-1 detection of color defects, shell and foreign materials in just one optical sorting platform. Featuring the most hygienic optical sorting frame which lowers the risk of contamination thanks to its easy cleaning access, hygienic grade fixings and sloped surfaces. 


Uniquely versatile: The Bühler conveying revolution

In terms of flexibility, TUBO sets new standards in plant engineering and was specially designed for the use in the food industry with its high requirements in terms of hygiene.


Reinvents chocolate moulding

New paths require a new way of thinking. Integrated technology using robotics is paving the way for innovative design to link up with manufacturing processes: lines free of chains and their lubricants, fewer components, and fewer stations – coupled with a more hygienic design, more flexible processes, and multi-use stations.

ChocoStar Welded

Designed for spot, ribbon and OneShot depositing into intermittent loose moulds

In a fresh and functional design, the ChocoStar Welded sets new standards in modularity of Bühler moulding lines. Bühler offers a marathon runner for the cost-effective production of solid  and OneShot articles, which meets highest quality demands.

Chocoat Quick Change Over

Chocoat Quick Change revolutionizes mass change at an enrobing machine

Including all benefits of the Chocoat Premium, the Quick Change Over version allows a very fast mass changeover in around 35 min. Only the lower body of the machine will be moved and the roof and electrical cabinet stays in place. This makes it simple to use multiple lower bodies with different chocolates, colors, and masses.


Flaking Mill for breakfast cereals – Simply more for your success

The new flaker produces breakfast cereal flakes out of extruded or cooked corn (maize), wheat, oats or multigrains. It convinces with its modern design and sets new standards in terms of product quality, throughput rates, hygiene and ease of maintenance. 

Ceres Plus

Reduces cleaning downtime for coated cereal products by as much as 75%

With its hygienic design and unique airflow, the Ceres Plus enables cereal processors to increase the production of their coated cereal lines by significantly decreasing the time it takes to clean a coated cereal dryer. A Ceres Plus will reduce the cleaning downtime by as much as 75% over existing technologies. Aside from reducing cleaning time, the Ceres Plus features an airflow that promotes a more uniform drying process, thereby increasing productivity and product quality.

Self-Optimising Smart Chocolate Factory

A new ear in chocolate making

With the self-optimizing smart chocolate factory Bühler points the way into the age of IoT and the fourth industrial revolution. Four new game changing digital services for the traditional DoMiReCo line (dosing, mixing, refining, conching) will increase performance, reduce operational costs and keep quality at target.


A new dimension in coffee flavor creation

Imagine having unprecedented control over coffee flavor generation. The InfinityRoast will inspire your product innovations and assist you in creating great traditional or non-conventional roasting profiles for tailor-made flavor characteristics and physical bean properties. With the InfinityRoast you are in control.

ChocoBelt St S

Sets new standards in the chocolate conveying process

Gentle conveying is a basic requirement in the food processing industry. The newly designed Bühler ChocoBelt St S conveyor moves product from one process operation step to the next without changing the properties of the product.


Self-paced learning, anytime, anywhere

The new, self-paced online learning service from Bühler is designed to help chocolate line operators carry out their job more effectively. It is ideal for starters, but even chocolate line operators with years of experience will learn some new tricks of the trade.

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