Big Bang: Texturized Vegetable Protein (TVP)

May 04 - 13:20

Big Bang: Texturized Vegetable Protein (TVP)

The first Big Bang of Interpack 2017 focused on wet texturized vegetable protein (wet TVP) - an innovative way to bridge the looming protein gap.

Japp Korteweg, Bühler customer and founder of The Vegetarian Butcher, joined the Interpack to talk about the production of wet textured vegetable protein: “The goal was to produce meat without an animal. We worked together with top chefs and now we can offer a product that could even fool butchers. They didn’t notice a difference. We chose Bühler because we tested the process and different products intensively, and it became clear that Bühler offered the best machine for the extrusion process.”

The taste test

Since the first Big Bang of the Interpack happened around lunch, we put the texturized vegetable protein to the taste test: “It definitely looks like meat, and even though it feels a bit chewier than actual animal muscle, it’s delicious. I think if I didn’t know what I was eating, this would not feel like a different taste experience. I’d definitely eat it again.” - Isabelle, taste tester at Interpack 2017

Bühler’s Textrudates

Bühler is the market’s leading extrusion solution provider for food and feed products. One of the many products that can be produced on Bühler’s extrusion plants are textrudates: meat replacements made of vegetable proteins, like pulses. Their fibre structure, color, texture, and taste are similar to actual meat. In fact, textrudates have the same water content as meat and must be handled like meat.

The need for protein-rich meat alternatives

Meat alternatives are not a dietary fad: The world population continues to increase, and it is predicted that there will be over 9 billion people living on earth by 2050. More people means more food: The global food demand is expected to increase by approximately 70 percent. Additionally, the consumption of meat will rise to volumes that cannot be produced sustainably. That's why the meat alternatives, like the texturized vegetable protein, are here to stay. 

Learn more about our products and processes for extrusion here.

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