TUBO - Tubular push conveyor

At a glance...

  • Flexible plant engineering. Minimum space requirements through three-dimensional conveying.
  • Highest sanitation standards. Resi-due-free product conveying without cross-contamination and segregation.
  • Highest energy efficiency. Minimal friction and fewer transfer points required.
  • Gentle conveying. Less broken kernels and higher yields.

Uniquely versatile: The Bühler conveying revolution!

In order to achieve consistently high product quality and efficient production processes for the processing of bulk materials, the products must be conveyed in the production plant as rapidly as possible, but at the same time also gently and hygienically. Thanks to three-dimensional plant layouts of the tubular push conveyor, plant engineering is considerably more flexible. In contrast to today‘s systems, the bulk material is conveyed, without the need of a cord, in a closed pipe using TUBIT push elements.

Benjamin Schneider

Benjamin Schneider

Product Manager TUBO

work cell +491733691113


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