TUBEX Hopper Scale

At a glance...

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Optimal process control
  • Straight-forward and hygienic design

Reduced energy costs

Instead of pneumatic cylinders the drives of the scale valves bottom- and inlet slide gates operates with an innovative electromagnetic drive concept. So-called supercapacitors save the energy in between driving cycles and supply the power required for starting. Therefore, the energy costs are reduced by more than 90%.

Optimal process control

The new scale generation from Bühler also impresses with a new, particularly user-friendly control that can also be used with mobile end devices. The new control system evaluates the various measuring cells individually and has a big range of service functions available. The intelligent measuring technology constantly monitors all important operating and service parameters while the diagnostic system detects problems at an early stage. Thanks to a modern interface, it is best prepared for the needs of IoT.

Straight-forward and hygienic design

The generously dimensioned radii in the interior space and all high-quality materials, including the product-contacting parts made of stainless steel, comply with international requirements for hygienic design such as EHEDG. This significantly reduces the risk of product buildup and cross-contamination – which means top sanitation conditions.

TUBEX is the first completely closed scale. That means that it has no false-air opening. An accurate differential pressure sensor measures the internal pressure fluctuations.

TUBEX Hopper Scale

Tubex: high-performing scale technologies 

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