RoastMaster 120

RoastMaster 120

At a glance...

  • Profile roasting flexibility for delightful coffee flavor
  • Homogeneous heat transfer
  • Operational excellence means efficiency, reliability and safety

RoastMasterTM120 – Create your own roast flavor signature.

Profile roasting flexibility for delightful coffee flavor.

The profile roasting process allows great flavor creation for any coffee variety and origin. Temperature and airflow can be adjusted for each process stage. The temperature evolution can be optimized for best flavor generation and desired physical bean characteristics.

Homogeneous heat transfer

The conductive and convective heat transfer to the beans is crucial for the result. In the RoastMasterTM 120 all hot air is directed directly to the back of the drum resulting in higher proportion of convective heat transfer. The drum design of the RoastMasterTM 120 ensures a superior, efficient and homogeneous heat transfer from the hot air to the bean, thus creating the ultimate flavor quality. Every bean is roasted to the core.

Operational excellence

The proven and durable drum roasting technology of the RoastMasterTM120 provides reliable, efficient and safe operation over a long lifetime. Easy maintenance and the cutting-edge process control and HMI result in a very user-friendly and efficient roasting operation.

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