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  • More uptime 
  • Highest performance and consistent flake thickness
  • Hygienic design
  • Ease of maintenance and operation

The new flaker  PolyFlake produces flakes from extruded or boiled maize (corn), wheat, oats, multigrains and other raw grains, while meeting the most rigorous standards in terms of product quality, throughput capacity, hygiene, and ease of maintenance.

Maximum uptime

The wide-opening housing doors with large inspection windows and swing-up front covers offer fast access to all machine components. This not only simplifies cleaning of the machine, but also speeds up maintenance. Roll changes are also much faster now thanks to easy access to both rolls from one side and the absence of fastening screws on the roll support.

Consistent product quality at top throughput capacities

The flaker’s large rolls allow top throughput capacities to be achieved. Consistent flake thickness is obtained due to its extremely rugged roll pressing system, integrated roll cooling system, and automatic roll gap adjustment system. The roll gap can be readjusted within a matter of seconds by automatic engagement and disengagement of the rolls if it deviates from the target value. In addition, roll clamping force can be automatically set in case of roll temperature variations.

Modern machine design

The PolyFlake has been designed with top hygiene in mind. It is equipped with Alu-Dibond® paneling, rounded corners, minimized horizontal surfaces, and a reduced number of spare parts. These features improve food safety and reduce wear and spare parts costs. The optimized roll journals without shoulders substantially simplify access and cleaning.

Top quality and flexibility

The PolyFlake design is extremely stable, noticeably reducing noise emissions and vibrations. The high quality rolls and scrapers (mill knives) contribute significantly to maintaining excellent product quality, throughput capacity, and hygiene. In addition, the flaking mill offers modular options for customized flaking solutions. Two machine sizes are available to meet individual requirements for performance and throughput. In addition, the flaking mill is available with different feeders, discharge elements, motor configurations/quantities, and assembly options.

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More uptime, more efficient, higher security, and highest quality and flexibility

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