Infinity Roast 2000

Infinity Roast 2000

At a glance...

  • Flexibility for traditional and non-conventional roasting profiles
  • High-performance auto-corrective profile control for superior quality consistency
  • Operational excellence means efficiency, reliability and safety
  • Green bean preheating unit for maximum energy-efficiency

InfinityRoast – a new dimension in coffee flavor creation.

Flexibility for traditional and non-conventional roasting profiles.

The shape of the time-temperature curve and the air-to-bean-ratio govern the flavor generation. The advanced profile control of the InfinityRoast enables you to create proprietary traditional or non-conventional mastercurves, transforming the full bean potential into delightful flavor sensations. Create the bean’s flavor signature and control micro-structure changes in the bean by adjusting the time-temperature pathway and the air-to-bean-ratio.

High-performance auto-corrective profile control

The InfinityRoast sets new standards in precise reproduction of the desired roasting profile for superior quality consistency. The auto-corrective high performance profile control regulates the energy input into the roasting chamber and ensures consistent and optimal heat transfer. The InfinityRoast replicates the desired time-temperature evolution of the beans with unprecedented precision – batch by batch.

Operational excellence

The InfinityRoast is designed for operational excellence. Reliability, safety and efficiency make it the core of the high performance factory. Robustness, easy maintenance, and the cutting-edge process control and HMI result in very user-friendly operation. The sophisticated safety concept includes online CO monitoring.

Green bean preheating unit for maximum energy-efficiency

Energy-efficiency and sustainability are becoming ever more important in coffee processing. The optional green coffee preheating unit of the InfinityRoast minimizes energy consumption. Heat from the roasting process can be recovered.

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