Ceres Plus

With its hygienic design and unique airflow, the Ceres Plus enables cereal processors to increase the production of their coated cereal lines by significantly decreasing the time it takes to clean a coated cereal dryer. A Ceres Plus will reduce the cleaning downtime by as much as 75% over existing technologies. Aside from reducing cleaning time, the Ceres Plus features an airflow that promotes a more uniform drying process, thereby increasing productivity and product quality.

Ceres Plus

At a glance...

  • Significantly reduced cleaning time
  • Maximizes production
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced downtime for maintenance

Ceres Plus reduces cleaning downtime for coated cereal products by as much as 75%.

Significantly reduced cleaning time

The hygienic design of the Ceres Plus allows the dryer to be cleaned a lot faster than a typical cereal dryer. Open channel frame construction, stainless steel with a 2B finish throughout, and many other hygienic innovations, keep the Ceres Plus running cleaner and make it easier and quicker to clean, requiring less downtime.

Maximizes production

Dual plenum airflow produces a more uniform product at the discharge, maximizing output. As well, less time for cleaning increases production uptime.

Increased energy efficiency

The Ceres Plus features energy efficient direct drive motors on all recirculation fans and drives. Unique airflow makes the most efficient use of heated air, while substantial insulation on doors, roof, and dryer floor keep heated air in the dryer, minimizing thermal loss.

Reduced downtime for maintenance.

Innovations like tool-less connections, improved access, heavy-duty construction, and the ability to use off-the-shelf components, reduces the time and cost of maintenance.

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