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The Bühler Networking Days 2017 @ Interpack

The success of the Networking Days 2016 was overwhelming. Therefore, Bühler invites you once again to exchange your thoughts and opinions during our Networking Days 2017 at the Interpack in Düsseldorf. In this day and age, the establishment of personal relationships and the open exchange of ideas are more important than ever.

Meet our experts on nutrition, food & feed safety, sustainability, and digitalization, who invite you to explore and debate the trends which will drive our industry in the coming years.

As sustainability is a crucial foundation for successful business we anticipate honest, engaging and fruitful discussions on the future of the food industry and the role we can play in ensuring that 9 billion people will enjoy a sustainable, healthy, enjoyable and affordable diet in 2050.

Sort smarter with Sortex F BioVision

When it comes to removing foreign bodies such as shell, stones and pieces of plastic, the SORTEX® F BioVision™ optical sorter plays the most crucial role in the processing line.

Our latest trick: the Self-Optimizing Smart Chocolate Factory

A new era in chocolate manufacturing lies ahead, taking productivity, efficiency and quality control to the next level with the pioneering Self-Optimizing Smart Chocolate Factory. The increasing availability of sensors, the actor system and rapidly advancing networking technology make it possible.

Textured Vegetable Protein

Did you ever hear of meat substitute products on the basis of plant proteins? And how about the vision of a meatless future in 2050? Visit our TVP solution exhibition during the Interpack to learn more about trending topics such as wet textured vegetable protein, for example out of pulses.

Better dough with JetMix

JetMix is a continuous pre-dough process with full process control and high sanitation. It enables a uniform hydration of each flour particle. Within seconds, a fine and creamy dough is obtained. Directly processed, the kneading energy can be reduced by up to 30%.

Solano premium roasting

The new Solano™ system combines the proven two-step premium-roasting process with a safe steam pasteurization option, which can be used for granular products like nuts, seeds or cocoa. The patented pasteurization technology achieves a better than 5log inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms such as salmonella and can be used independently of the roasting process, so that even a gentle pasteurization without roasting for raw nuts or seeds is easy to apply.

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