Specialized in handling dough with inclusions such as nuts and chocolate chunks at highest accuracy, the high-speed wire cutting system 6110 is used for the production of wire cut biscuits and cookies. It handles heavy dough as well as dough with inclusions.

At a glance...

  • Removable head with roll-on roll-off function (RoRo)
    Hygiene is an essential factor in food processing. The removable head function of the wire cutter 6110 supports the allergen-free change of products.
  • Hygienic design in stainless steel execution
    With a machine executed in stainless steel, the controlled cleaning of your processing equipment is possible without blocking valuable resources.
  • Gentle dough extrusion 
    Trust that even heavy doughs will be handled at the highest accuracy and with consistent weight and shape.
  • High-frequency oscillating wire-/knife-cutting system
    To process difficult masses without deformities and to guarantee clean cuts, the wire-/knife-cutting system oscillates at high frequency.

The WIRE CUTTER 6110 revolutionizes the production of wire cut biscuits and cookies.

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