This new generation of premium wafer baking ovens with a revolutionary heating concept is used for the fully automatic, large-scale industrial production of flat and hollow wafers. The SWAKT-ECO produces up to 60 wafer sheets per minute, that is 1.100 kilograms of wafer blocks. 

At a glance...

  • Optimized heating system
    The baking plates are heated by infrared from above, which guarantees a controlled burning process, with an air blower for convection. The isolated oven forehead keeps the baking plates hot, which means a minimal loss of energy.
  • Significant reduction of gas consumption and emissions
    Thanks to the optimized wall and door insulation and the controlled air and heat circulation, the heat is used more efficiently for the baking process. Gas consumption is reduced by up to 25 and noxious emissions by up to 90 percent.
  • Parameters easily adjusted via PLC
    Mechanical adjustments are no longer necessary: simply adjust the heat distribution via the oven's touch panel and ensure an optimized baking process and a uniform baking quality.
  • Less cleaning, less downtime
    Due to the placement of the heating units, no bubbles or baking waste can soil the burners.

The SWAKT-ECO produces up to 60 wafer sheets per minute.

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