IFC Oven

Your multi-purpose oven.

The products and processes in the baking industry are various and challenging. An IFC oven is our ideal solution: keep energy consumption low while maintaining full moisture control and ensuring a uniform baking process.

At a glance..

  • Adaptable heating system
    Heat the oven using gas, oil or electricity and adjust the heating process to your exact needs, changing the humidity profile and the temperature of your oven.

  • Ultimate control
    Because the oven is heated indirectly, there is no risk of combustion gases coming into contact with the products. A temperature sensor controls the burner to secure a constant baking temperature.

  • Premium baking for quality products
    The ingenious air distribution system leads the hot air into a top and/or a lower duct and is equipped with a damper system that adjusts the ratio between top and bottom heat.

IFC Oven - Bake anything from biscuits, cookies and cakes to pizzas and pies with the indirectly heated convection oven.

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