Produce a variety of wafer sticks at highest capacities with the eco-friendly EWB-R series. No matter which way you roll them, be they crimped or twisted, with color stripes or polka dots, wafer sticks offer a broad variety of product options that are a popular treat with ice cream or simply as a snack. Combined with Haas-Mondomix aeration equipment such as the Skid shown at iba, wafer sticks with sweet or savory filling are only a whirl away.

At a glance..

  • Optimized heating system
    Whether you choose the emission-free, environmentally friendly induction heating option or the gas heating with efficient gas-air mixing, your baking oven will be heated optimally.

  • Flexible product design
    We'll help you figure out how to realize your ideas - by personalizing your baking oven, you can produce the wafer stick of your dreams with different fillings, colors and surfaces.

  • Hygienic design
    Thanks to the integrated control cabinet and the elevated, fully encased cable ducts, the EWB-R series is compact and hygienic.

EWB-R - the automatic wafer stick baking oven you can trust.

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