Bühler introduces a new and innovative way to produce sheeted, laminated and formed doughs. The continuous dough extruder ContiMix™ combines the mixing and kneading process, providing consistent, tasty and optimally textured bakery products. The ContiMix™ eliminates any additional standing time for the dough and the associated dough handling, while leading to an up to 9 percent greater dough yield. Bakery products made with the ContiMix™ have an improved volume and crumb structure as well as a more intensive taste. Various configuration options allow a rapid, recipe-based adjustment to the desired dough specifications.

At a glance...

  • Highest dosing accuracy.
  • Elimination of additional process steps.
  • Greater dough yield by up to 9 percent.
  • Cost efficient dough production.
  • Highest food safety by CIP.

ContiMix™ combines the mixing and kneading process.

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