Join us at GIFA

June 25 to 29, 2019

in Düsseldorf, Germany


Introducing the Digital Cell - a bold new vision for die-casting

We are working towards the Digital Cell – aimed at delivering 0% scrap, 40% less cycle time and 24/7 uptime to create a better, more efficient and profitable future for the die-casting industry. To achieve this, it’s not enough to focus on single components – we have to tackle the system as a whole. Visit us at GIFA to explore the possible future for your foundry.


Imagine - a smart brain of the cell

0% scrap

Our Digital Cell is connected to all key processes. It can recognize deviating parameters and correct accordingly – to enable continuous production with exceptional quality.

40% less cycle time

Working on the thermal management process promises great savings in cycle time. Therefore, this area plays an essential role in the Digital Cell.

24/7 uptime

The intelligence at the heart of the cell will drive IoT-solutions, such as predictive maintenance. Ultimately, by integrating self-monitoring sensors and machine learning, the Digital Cell will avoid production interruptions.

The Digital Cell

Discover our vision of the Digital Cell.

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Wednesday, June 26             

10:30 AM

The future of structural components             



Thursday, June 27

16:30 PM

Role of simulation in the digital die-casting cell of the future



Bühler booth party

Join us at the Bühler booth party on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 from 6-10 PM! Fantastic Music as well as delicious food and drinks will make this evening unforgettable!

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